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Sunday online worship – 29.03.20

We are pleased to announce that we have finished our first production of Dersingham online worship.

Please click play on the video player below to engage in our Sunday worship service for Sunday 29th March.

You are also invited to access our weekly newsletter, available at the link below..

God bless,

Rev. Dave Cossey

Weekly newsletter for Sunday 29th March

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    Hi All,
    Great thanks for this, loved the songs and enjoyed singing along with them. Every morning as I have walked my dog I have sat for a few moments in prayer on one of the benches in the church yard but today I have felt that I was not alone in worship. Keep safe and hopefully see you all soon in our lovely church

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    Keir & Trish Hughes

    It is a wonderful thing that the Christian community can come together in these ways (at a social distance of course) to do what we can where we can. The service is so much appreciated over here in North Wootton too. May God be beside us all whatever we have to face and endure over what may be a long period. May we all be strengthened by our living Lord. The Mothers Day gestures were really lovely.

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    Pat Oughtibridge

    Thanks to everyone , the singers, production team and all those involved. How comforting to see the familiar faces of Rev Mark and Rev Dave too. I hope this doesn’t sound too flippant but I thought the double act of ‘Fluffy’ and Mark was really uplifting – thanks for something to make me laugh! Love to all.

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    John Oughtibridge

    Enjoyed the service. Fluffy was a star!

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    Doreen Valentine

    It was a joy to have this connection with the Church during these difficult times, a credit to those involved and much appreciative of technology. I enjoyed singing along in my own home in a louder than normal voice. Most enjoyable.

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    Christine and Colin

    We thought that was brilliant. Thank you so much for all your hard work, enabling us to worship from home and continue our connection with our Lord and his church. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. God bless.

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    Margaret An

    Such blessings thank you. I’ve watched it and joined in with it twice.
    Good to feel part of the church family again during these socially distanced times.
    Well done for all the technology to enable us all to worship together.

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    Claire R

    Oh I really needed that! It was so lovely to hear your beautiful voices and see your lovely faces. I’ve been feeling so separated from God; this has really helped me connect with Him again esp singing In Christ Alone. Thank you for all your hard work. Much love xx

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    Peter williams

    Our grateful thanks to Dave and the team who provided such an opportunity to worship at home. Such a pity that the TV companies with all of their recources as yet ,have not obliged well done ,SUPER.

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    Wonderful to have this Service. Big thanks to all of you and for your creativity in finding ways to reach us. The songs, prayers and message bring home that we are cared for — all of us and the planet too, all creatures great and small (Fluffy!) — by God. Peace and joy everyone xx

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    Sue Taylor

    Really enjoyed last week’s service and looking forward to the next one. It was lovely to see familiar faces and some new ones! Thank you.

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    Martin and Liz

    Much appreciated. A big thank you to all involved. keep it coming.

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    Pamela Bowers

    Thank you so much to Mark, Dave and all the team for a second great service of worship and praise.

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    Richard Carter

    A heartfelt thanks to everybody who has helped in encouraging our hope and our continued fellowship through the Palm Sunday service. Every part of it is a wonderful help. Peace and love to everyone at our church.

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    Emma Dinmore

    Brilliant thank you we had some ‘wonky’ crosses, lovely service. Stay safe and well xx

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