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Dersingham online worship – 21.06.20

Hello and welcome once more to our latest edition of Dersingham online worship.

Today we look forward to hearing Alan unpack our bible passage from Genesis.

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Please click play on the video below to engage with this week’s worship.

God bless,

The online worship team.

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  1. Avatar
    Rob and Jane

    Another lovely service. Powerful words “The God who sees me” Thank you one and all.

  2. Avatar
    John Oughtibridge

    Thanks Roger for putting our little choir contribution together and dedicating it to Margaret.

  3. Avatar
    Stephen Ruffles

    Thank you once again to everyone who continues to produce these lovely online worship services to our homes. Much appreciated and Best Wishes to you all.
    Stephen Ruffle

  4. Avatar
    Liz and Martin

    Once again grateful for a wonderful service and our thanks to all involved, especially to Allan for an encouraging sermon on the God who sees. great photography Steve!

  5. Avatar
    Maggie Anderson

    Another great online service. Lovely to hear the choir too.
    Great music and words and amazing photography.
    Thank you.

  6. Avatar
    Ron and Grace Cossou

    Thank you for a great service to all concerned. Great to be able to join in singing
    “El Shaddai” which we haven’t sung for a long time.

  7. Avatar
    Richard Carter

    Another encouraging service with lots to think about. Thanks again to everybody involved – it’s greatly appreciated.

  8. Avatar
    Maggie Langridge

    What a inspiring service from all involved yet again.The choir was beautiful and the message reached my heart and so much fun to see the dogs chasing around .They made me chuckle.

  9. Avatar
    Alan and June

    Nice and welcoming as always !
    I loved El Shaddai and the picture, as you would expect, Steve !!
    All good, thank you.

  10. Avatar
    Jean Hall

    As we have become used to, an uplifting and beautiful service. Thank you Alan for your words and how wonderful to hear the choir and their tribute to Margaret. Thanks to all involved.

  11. Avatar

    Another lovely service to join in with, pleasure to hear again our own choir and the tribute to Margaret. Well done and many thanks to all those involved every week.

  12. Avatar

    Thank you all again for a beautiful service. So thoughtful and uplifting in its words, music and prayers. The piece sung by the choir was a lovely surprise and very moving as a dedication for Margaret. Love to you all x

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