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Psalm 23:5 – A generous God

Hello everyone, and welcome back to part five of our bitesize bible series.

This week we look at how we have a generous God who gives us more than anything this world can offer.

Please grab yourself your a drink and your bible, and click play on the video to begin.

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God bless,

The online worship team.

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  1. Liz and Martin

    Listened today in our caravan at St. Neots. Another encouraging meditation. A big Amen from the Hollands

  2. Ron and Grace Cossou

    Thank you Rev Dave for your word today on the feeding of the five thousand. A lot of food for thought. And thanks to all the on line worship team, particularly enjoyed the singing of the hymns and 1000 reasons. Ron and Grace

  3. Melanie Dixon

    Encouraging message of how God provides for us at our time of need. He has provided for me on a personal level this weekend when Andy and I were 50 miles away. We arrived at a booked hotel to find it locked, closed and seemingly for sale?. We then found a lovely b&b just a few miles away where we were treated with so much care by wonderful people.

  4. Susan Lake

    Lovely ‘Thankful’ prayers and intercessions from Pauline. Glad that the online service is still continuing for us. Thank you all involved.

  5. Stephen Ruffles

    Thank you to everyone for this week’s on line worship and Lighthouse. Very good sermon Dave. Steve and Mel, always pleased to hear 10,000 reasons which is one of my favourite modern era worship songs. Best Wishes to you all.

  6. Maggie Anderson

    Another uplifting service thank you. The music included some of my favorites, and seeing the scenery and trees too was perfect.
    I think we all need an uplifting message and this was certainly one. Thank you for all the work involved.
    I have been doubly blessed today by the online service and going to church.
    Keep safe everyone.

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