Connecting the church at home


Good Friday walk of witness

This year, we are pleased to be able to share with you a digital copy of the Good Friday Walk of Witness map for you to make use of individually to reflectively journey through this important bible narrative.

Our thanks goes out to those who have put the time and energy into creating this resource to get us out and exploring.

To gain access to this resource please click here. You may well wish to print this off and take with you on your walk.

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Flower festivals

With summer now in full bloom we wanted to share some of the past community flower festivals through a selection of previously recorded videos.

Hopefully this will bring a little sunshine and brightness into your homes regardless of the weather outdoors.

Please click play on the box below to begin the playlist that contains a series of four videos.

The online worship team.

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Baby basics interview

Reaching out to vulernable Mum’s, families and baby’s in these uncertain times has become more important than ever.

Baby basics is a project that seeks to help exactly that group of people through providing essentials and equipment where it is most needed.

We wanted to share just a brief interview with volunteers Maggie and Yvonne who share with us some of the details of this important ministry currently operating locally out of the church barn.

Please click play on the view below to continue.

Further information about baby basics is available at their website.

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Mother’s day outreach

In the absence of a church gathering this Sunday, we took the opportunity to instead bring some hope directly to people’s doorstep.

A team of volunteers put together a collection of leafets containing offers of assistance, words of encouragement from school children, letters detailing our church response, take-away menu from a local cafe, and a beautiful plant to bring some sunshine into people’s homes.

Our outreach team reported back that these deliveries provided a great deal of encouragement to many people in these sometimes rather anxious times. It was wonderful to be part of this practical effort, and to see the church working creatively to communicate God’s love and concern across our community not just in words but in meaningful actions.

Rev. Dave Cossey.

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