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Bible Bites – Promises 3

Psalm 139 encourages us that God knows all our thoughts, worries, joys and delights. This week the illustration involves a coin disappearing and re-appearing and through it we explore that God promises to be with us all the time where ever we are. At a time when children are going into new classes or new schools, with possible anxiousness, we try to offer some encouragement.

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Bible Bites – The Bible

This week we explore that the Bible can come into colour as we read it. It is the word of God and the book for life. This edition of Bible Bites has one of our favourite illustrations, we hope you will enjoy it as we explore Psalm 119 verse 105: “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path”.

There are teacher supporting notes available for all the editions of Bible Bites. If you work at a school and would like these, please contact us. We would be very happy to support you.

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Bible Bites – Prayer

The simple illustration this week links in with the theme that prayer is connecting to God. We explore what Jesus said about prayer, how people pray and where. The illustration is explained so children can learn how to do this at school or home. Props needed – £5 note (or paper!) and 2 paper clips.

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Bible bites – Growth

This week Rev Dave talks about ‘growing up’. We create some flowers that bloom in water, and we hear about how we can start out tiny like a mustard seed but still grow into something amazing!

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Bible Bites – Courage 2

This week Bible Bites explores having courage to let the good shine out bright rather than hiding the light under a cup or bowl. How do the bright yellow pompoms, representing light, move through the cups to represent making a brighter light? Watch to discover as we learn from Jesus teaching from the Sermon on the Mount about letting your light shine bright.

Teacher supporting notes are available.

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Bible bites – Self-control

This week, Rev Dave takes a look at how to show off some impressive control skills whilst we also look at the idea of ‘Self-control’. How good are you at showing self-control? I wonder if there is still any Easter egg chocolate around in your house!

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Bible bites – humility

This week on Bible Bites Rev Dave shows you how to build your own tower of instant freezing water! We also take a look at the idea and importance of humility by looking at the story of the tower of Babel.

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