Dersingham online worship

New forms of worship in our changing envrionment

Sunday online worship – 05.04.20

We’re happy to now be able share with you all the second production of our Dersingham online worship. You will find the video just below this text.

Please note that for those with children in Elevation youth, that this week we also have created some content especially for them too. Please click across to the ‘youth’ section to access this.

You are also invited to access our weekly ‘lighthouse’ newsletter, available at the link below…

Blessings to you all,

Rev. Dave.

Lighthouse week 2 – 05.04.20

Elevation youth – 05.04.20

Hello Elevation youth-ers!

We’re really excited to share with you our first weekly online youth session for you to enjoy.

Start with the first video + then work down until you reach the end!

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Sunday online worship – 29.03.20

We are pleased to announce that we have finished our first production of Dersingham online worship.

Please click play on the video player below to engage in our Sunday worship service for Sunday 29th March.

You are also invited to access our weekly newsletter, available at the link below..

God bless,

Rev. Dave Cossey

Weekly newsletter for Sunday 29th March

Mother’s day outreach – 22.03.20

In the absence of a church gathering this Sunday, we took the opportunity to instead bring some hope directly to people’s doorstep.

A team of volunteers put together a collection of leafets containing offers of assistance, words of encouragement from school children, letters detailing our church response, take-away menu from a local cafe, and a beautiful plant to bring some sunshine into people’s homes.

Our outreach team reported back that these deliveries provided a great deal of encouragement to many people in these sometimes rather anxious times. It was wonderful to be part of this practical effort, and to see the church working creatively to communicate God’s love and concern across our community not just in words but in meaningful actions.

Rev. Dave Cossey.